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Hi! Welcome to Miss Ratri :)

Learning new things, getting to know new people, and sharing opinions are the main reasons why this little blog exists. And I believe thare are many open-minded people out there so I can spill out my thoughts freely (with no hate). To make it easier, here are the categories you should know about:

  • Routine: Talking about my daily routine that might inspire you. From morning activities, work out schedule, reading habbit, healthy food to consume, and "escape" plan from tight works.
  • Inspiration: I'd like to get new ideas from social media accounts, magazines, websites/blogs, and people's journey (yeah, get ready to meet inspiring figures from my country).
  • Bookish: I used to have a book blog called Awesome Nerd, but I couldn't post everyday because I have too many blogs. That is why I'm going to write English book reviews here. Plus, I'll add anything related with bookish world. For example, book news and movie/tv series adaptation.
  • So Asian: I was born and raised in Indonesia. I had some opportunities to go abroad which make me see things differently. So I want to share how is it to be an Asian and more importantly as a moslem.

More about me...

Been living since 1993 without any siblings, I surely have a lot to talk about! I'm currently studying English Literature and working as an editor in newspaper. Other than writing, I also take interest in music (many kind of genre), korean drama (but I'm not a fangirl), cats, and travel. It's been a long journey for me to finally settle down with this one blog. You can read why do I blog at the first place here. If we have anything in common, please hit me up on here or Twitter. I will be very very happy to find new friends.

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